DJI Battery Not Charging Issue and Quick Fix Tips – Are you a passionate drone enthusiast eagerly awaiting your next breathtaking aerial adventure? Picture this: you’ve meticulously planned an epic flight, scouted the perfect location, and charged your DJI batteries in anticipation. But as you plug them into your trusty charger, a sinking feeling sets in. They’re not charging. Panic rises within you as you wonder why your beloved DJI battery is refusing to come back to life.

Did you know that battery-related issues are one of the most common problems faced by drone pilots? And the frustration is real. After all, what good is a drone without a battery that powers it to new heights? Whether you’re a professional aerial photographer or an adrenaline-seeking hobbyist, a malfunctioning battery can ground even the mightiest of drones.

Imagine the disappointment of having to cancel your long-awaited photography expedition or missing out on capturing jaw-dropping shots from impossible angles. It’s a heartbreaking scenario, and we understand your pain. But fear not, for we are here to shed light on why your DJI battery is not charging and provide you with tested solutions to get your drone back in the skies where it belongs.

So, dear drone enthusiast, hold onto your flight controller as we embark on a journey to demystify the perplexing world of non-charging DJI batteries. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll explore the common culprits behind this predicament, debunk myths that may be clouding your troubleshooting attempts, and equip you with expert tips to revive your battery to its former glory.

Together, we’ll unravel the secrets of revitalizing your DJI battery and soar high with confidence once more. Ready to conquer the skies again? Then let’s dive into the world of DJI battery troubleshooting and reclaim your drone’s power, one charge at a time.

Common Reasons for DJI Battery Not Charging

Common Reasons for DJI Battery Not Charging

When it comes to flying drones, having a reliable and fully charged battery is essential. However, experiencing issues with DJI battery not charging can be frustrating and hinder your aerial photography or videography endeavors. In this section, we will explore the most common reasons behind this problem and provide solutions to help you troubleshoot effectively.

1. Faulty charging cable

One of the primary culprits behind a DJI battery not charging is a faulty or damaged charging cable. Regularly inspect the cable for any visible damage, including frayed wires or bent connectors. These issues can disrupt the charging process and prevent the battery from replenishing its power.

If you notice any damage, replace the charging cable with a new one from an authorized DJI retailer. Using an official DJI charging cable will ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Alternatively, you can try using a different charging cable to see if the issue persists.

2. Incorrect charging method

While it may seem straightforward, not following the correct charging method for DJI batteries can also lead to charging problems. To avoid issues, make sure you are using the official DJI charger designed specifically for your drone model.

Properly connect the charger to both the battery and the power source. Ensure a secure connection by checking that the cable is inserted fully into the charging port and that the charger is plugged in securely. This will minimize any potential interruptions in the charging process.

3. Overheating issues

Overheating is another common cause of a DJI battery not charging. Drones generate heat during flight, and if the battery becomes too hot, it may automatically stop charging for safety reasons. Therefore, it is crucial to check the battery’s temperature before attempting to charge it.

If the battery feels excessively hot to the touch, it is recommended to let it cool down before trying to charge it. Find a cool and well-ventilated area to store the battery until it reaches a suitable temperature. Charging in extreme temperatures, whether excessively hot or cold, can also contribute to overheating issues, so avoid such conditions whenever possible.

Troubleshooting Steps for DJI Battery Not Charging

Troubleshooting Steps for DJI Battery Not Charging

If you are facing issues with your DJI battery not charging, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem. In this section, we will discuss these steps in detail to help you get your battery charging again.

1. Clean the Battery and Charger Contacts

One common reason for a DJI battery not charging is dust or debris on the contacts of the battery and charger. These foreign particles can interfere with the charging process and prevent a proper connection. To resolve this issue, you should gently clean the contacts using a soft, dry cloth. Ensure that you wipe away any dirt or residue and make sure the contacts are clean and dry before attempting to charge the battery again.

2. Reset the Battery and Charger

If cleaning the contacts does not solve the charging problem, you can try resetting both the battery and charger. To do this, disconnect the battery from the drone and unplug the charger from the power source. Wait for a few minutes to allow any residual power to drain. After the waiting period, reconnect everything and try charging the battery again. This reset can sometimes help resolve any temporary issues that may be preventing the charging process.

3. Update Firmware and Software

Outdated firmware and software can lead to compatibility issues between your DJI drone, battery, and charger, resulting in charging problems. To ensure a smooth charging process, it is essential to have the latest firmware and software updates installed. Check the DJI website or official app for any available updates for your specific drone model and battery. Download and install these updates as instructed to enhance compatibility and fix any known charging-related issues.

By keeping your drone’s firmware and software up to date, you can ensure optimal performance and functionality. Regularly checking for updates and applying them will minimize the risks of encountering charging problems.

Additionally, it is crucial to follow the correct update procedures recommended by DJI to prevent any errors or complications during the updating process. Always read the update instructions carefully and make sure to fully charge the battery before initiating any updates.

Additional Tips to Prevent DJI Battery Charging Issues

Additional Tips

When it comes to charging issues with DJI batteries, there are several additional tips and precautions you can follow to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Here are three key recommendations that will help you prevent battery charging problems:

1. Store and transport batteries properly

Proper storage and transportation of DJI batteries are essential to maintain their functionality. It is crucial to store them in a cool and dry place to prevent any damage. Avoid exposing the batteries to extreme temperatures, as both excessive heat and cold can negatively impact their performance and overall life span. Furthermore, it is advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can also affect their charging capabilities.

2. Use genuine DJI batteries

One common mistake many drone enthusiasts make is using counterfeit or third-party batteries instead of genuine DJI batteries. This can lead to various issues, including charging problems and potential safety hazards. To avoid any complications, it is strongly recommended to always use DJI batteries that are specifically designed and recommended for your particular drone model. Genuine DJI batteries undergo rigorous testing and meet the required safety standards, ensuring reliable performance and a reduced risk of charging-related problems.

3. Contact DJI support

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps but your DJI battery still doesn’t charge, it’s essential to seek further assistance from DJI support. They are well-equipped and knowledgeable about DJI products and can provide specific guidance tailored to your situation. By reaching out to DJI support, you can obtain expert advice and potentially resolve the charging issue efficiently.

It is crucial to remember that DJI support is there to help you overcome any technical difficulties you may encounter. Their expertise and experience make them the best resource to assist with your DJI battery charging problems. You can contact them through different channels, including their official website, customer support hotline, or even their social media platforms


In summary, troubleshooting a DJI battery that is not charging requires a systematic approach. First, ensure that all connections are secure and clean. Check the charger and cable for any visible damage or signs of wear. If the problem persists, consider resetting the battery or seeking professional assistance from DJI. Remember to prioritize safety and adhere to manufacturer guidelines when handling and troubleshooting batteries.

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