6 Best SD Card for Dji Mavic Air: Choose Your Perfect Storage

Dronelost.com – If you’re an avid drone enthusiast who loves capturing stunning aerial footage, then you probably own a DJI Mavic Air. This compact and powerful drone has advanced features that allow you to capture breathtaking photos and videos. However, to maximize your drone’s capabilities, you must invest in the best SD card for DJI Mavic Air.

One of the top contenders for the title of the best SD card for DJI Mavic Air is the SanDisk Extreme Pro. This SD card boasts a high storage capacity of 256GB, allowing you to record 4K video footage hours without worrying about running out of space. With its impressive read and write speeds, the SanDisk Extreme Pro ensures smooth and uninterrupted video recording, making it a favorite choice among professional drone pilots.

Another excellent option is the Samsung EVO Plus. With its UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Class 10 ratings, this SD card can handle the high data transfer speeds required to record 4K videos and capture high-resolution photos. With its available capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB, the Samsung EVO Plus offers ample storage space for all your aerial adventures.

Lexar is also a brand worth considering when choosing the best SD card for DJI Mavic Air. The Lexar Professional 1000x SD card is specifically designed for high-quality video recording. With its UHS-II technology and V90 video speed class rating, this SD card ensures a minimum sustained write speed of 90MB/s, easily capturing ultra-high-definition 4K videos.

The Kingston Canvas Select Plus is an excellent choice for budget-conscious drone enthusiasts. Although it may not offer the same high storage capacities as other brands, this SD card provides reliable performance at an affordable price. With its UHS-I interface and Class 10 UHS-I speeds, the Kingston Canvas Select Plus can handle the demands of the DJI Mavic Air.

Best SD Card for DJI Mavic Air

Some popular options include the SanDisk Extreme Pro, Samsung EVO Plus, Lexar Professional 1000x, and Kingston Canvas Select Plus. Whichever SD card you choose, ensure it is compatible with the DJI Mavic Air and offers sufficient storage and performance for your aerial photography and videography adventures.

1. SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II

SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS II

With its blazing-fast read speeds of up to 300MB/s, the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II is perfect for capturing 4K videos and high-resolution images. This card is available in various capacities and boasts water and shock resistance, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.

2. Lexar Professional 1000x

Lexar Professional 1000x

The Lexar Professional 1000x SD card offers a generous storage capacity of up to 256GB and read speeds of up to 150MB/s. It allows for quick file transfers and is compatible with the DJI Mavic Air, making it a reliable choice for drone enthusiasts.

3. Samsung EVO Plus

Samsung EVO Plus

The Samsung EVO Plus offers a good balance of performance and affordability. With capacities ranging from 64GB to 256GB, this UHS-I card can handle 4K video recording and continuous burst mode photography. Its reliability and durability make it a popular choice among Mavic Air users.

4. Kingston Canvas Go! Plus

Kingston best sd card for dji mavic air

Featuring UHS-II speed class 3 and V90 video speed class ratings, the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus is optimized for capturing high-quality 4K videos and RAW footage. It offers capacities up to 256GB, ensuring ample storage space for extended drone flights.

5. Sony SF-G Tough

Sony best sd card for dji mavic air

If durability is your top priority, the Sony SF-G Tough SD card is built for extreme conditions. With its shockproof, waterproof, X-ray-proof, and temperature-resistant design, this UHS-II card can withstand the harshest environments while delivering fast and reliable performance.

6. Transcend UHS-II U3

Transcend best sd card for dji mavic air

The Transcend UHS-II U3 is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on performance. With read speeds of up to 285MB/s and write speeds of up to 180MB/s, this card is perfect for capturing smooth 4K videos and high-resolution photos with your DJI Mavic Air.

Tips for Choosing the Right SD Card

Choosing the best SD card for DJI Mavic Air depends on your needs and budget. Whether you prioritize storage capacity, data transfer speeds, or affordability, there is an SD card out there that suits your requirements.

High-Speed Performance

When it comes to capturing stunning aerial footage with your DJI Mavic Air drone, having a high-speed SD card is essential. Look for cards with read speeds of at least 90MB/s and write speeds of 30MB/s for smooth and uninterrupted video recording.

Ample Storage Capacity

Enough storage capacity is crucial, especially if you plan to record lengthy flights or capture footage in high-resolution formats. Opt for SD cards with a minimum capacity of 64GB, but if you frequently shoot 4K videos or RAW images, consider cards with 128GB or even 256GB.

UHS-I or UHS-II Compliant

The DJI Mavic Air is compatible with both UHS-I and UHS-II SD cards. UHS-II cards offer faster speeds, making them ideal for professional photographers and videographers. However, UHS-I cards still provide sufficient performance for most users and offer better affordability.


Choosing the best SD card for your DJI Mavic Air is crucial to ensure smooth and uninterrupted recording of breathtaking aerial footage. By considering factors like high-speed performance, ample storage capacity, and compatibility with your drone, you can confidently select an SD card that meets your needs. Whether it is the lightning-fast SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II or the affordable yet reliable Transcend UHS-II U3, these recommended SD cards will help you maximize your DJI Mavic Air’s capabilities.

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